Turn your city into a forest of experiences by sharing and replaying your memories where they were made.

Features & Benefits

  • Record photos, text messages, and audio
  • Immersive, location-based storytelling
  • Tag your family and friends

Why Story Forest?

Unlike other image hosting services such as Flickr, Story Forest encourages you to reflect on your memories in the context in which they were created. Rather than browsing through your memories while sitting at home or at work, your memories are made available in the locations in which they were created.

Story Forest doesn't just focus on photos. Based on our research, audio recordings are as effective if not more so than photos when reliving an experience.

"These past experiences provide us with insight into current problems, helps us make informed decisions, and forms who we are.”

William Lu, Psychologist

"Sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded because we think ahead so much, we don’t always remember what happened along the way.”

Derek Chan, Interaction Designer

"The remembering self is the one that keeps score, and maintains the story of our life.”

Daniel Kahneman, Psychologist and Nobel Laureate

Music Credit: Analogue Muse

Actors: David Eng-Wong (Dave), Sera Koo (Beth)

Equipment: Rebel T2i, Velbon tripod (Thanks David Hou), Slik Tripod (Thanks Derek)