I am forever in debt to my first digital camera, the Canon Powershot S200. I remember purchasing it back in 2002 before my first trip ever over international waters into Taiwan. Although I was still in undergrad, I didn’t mind splurging on the camera because I knew that I wanted to preserve my moments in Taiwan with my dad as best as possible. The ironic thing is that I’m not quite sure where I’ve placed those photos today.

Over the years, taking photos became a healthy habit. Some may find it overbearing at times with the camera constantly pointed towards them, but what I’ve noticed is that when a person goes through photos and sees themselves in them, it sparks their curiosity to want to see more. It’s the desire to piece together the entire arc of a story in order to relive an experience with a person, place, or thing.

As I go through the photos and videos of my grandma during the latter years of her life, I realized that these digital artifacts served another purpose. They are reminders of what she stood for and what she believed in. As life presents its trials and tribulations, the photo of her on my desk keeps me grounded with whatever challenges I may face.

Thanks Grandma.

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