Audience Definition

The members of Story Forest are explorers and day dreamers that have had experiences within a city. They are able to step out of the their daily routine to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ They enjoy capturing moments on camera, scrapbooking, collecting trivial, but meaningful items, and don’t mind sharing their memories with friends and family.

User Persona (Also mentioned in the User Journey versions 1 and 2)


Ethan is a young professional in his late 20s who has lived and worked in New York City for several years. He is tech savvy and (of course) owns an iPhone 3G. Prior to work life, he commuted into the city from New Jersey almost every weekend to hang out with friends or to visit his grandma, who has been living in a nursing home in Queens for the past 4 years. She was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago and requires 24 hour on-site assistance. Currently, Ethan lives in the Upper East Side with his younger brother, Harry, who is a 2nd year grad student at NYU. Throughout the week, Ethan and Harry take turns visiting their grandma.

Ethan’s parents immigrated into New York City back in the early 1970s. When Ethan was 4 years old, his grandma in Queens took care of him for a couple of years as his mother was busy caring for his younger brother, Harry. In 1987, his parents decided to move to New Jersey in search of a better environment to raise their children.

After moving to New Jersey, the entire family made weekly visits to Chinatown to load up on groceries for the upcoming week. Ethan’s dad, who owned a restaurant in New Jersey, also had to resupply the restaurant’s stock for the week. On occasion, they would also visit their grandma in Queens.

Ethan is a collector of many things. During his childhood and teenage years, Ethan amassed a collection of hockey and baseball cards, comic books, and toys, which are all safely stored away at his parent’s home in New Jersey.

Currently, Ethan is an amateur photographer and keeps his photos stored privately on digital photo services like Flickr. He believes that capturing memories and reflecting back on them encourages us to live a more conscious present in order to make better decisions in the future.

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