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In 2005, my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia. For the next 4 years, I witnessed her transition from a once independent woman to someone that could no longer care for herself. As dementia took hold of her, she required 24-hour attention and was eventually moved into a nursing home. During my visits with grandma, there […]

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Thesis and Purpose Statement

Problem It’s 2011, and we still store our photos in a shoebox. With our futuristic phones, we’re taking more photos and recording more videos than ever. Eventually, most of us are filing all of this into the cloud somewhere or onto our hard drives at home where they will probably never see the light of […]

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Audience Definition

The members of Story Forest are explorers and day dreamers that have had experiences within a city. They are able to step out of the their daily routine to ‘stop and smell the roses.’ They enjoy capturing moments on camera, scrapbooking, collecting trivial, but meaningful items, and don’t mind sharing their memories with friends and […]

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Diverge, Converge, Repeat

Initial Ideas My initial idea was to create a product that would maintain a persistent connection between a family and a loved one who had been placed into a nursing home. This stemmed from my personal experience with my grandma who lived at a nursing home in Queens for almost 5 years. Since she spoke […]

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Questions, Answers, Insight

It was mid-January and it was already late in the thesis game. I had no idea what I was going to do. All I had were my design principles from the previous semester. New layer of information Patterns Support through social networks online and/or offline Discovery/Exploration Happens in a public space Feedback (check-in, score, progress, […]

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Competitive Review

Most of the popular location-based services such as Gowalla and FourSquare serve as middlemen to 3rd party vendors and their users. With these type of services, there isn’t much emphasis on the exploration of past memories, but more on what other people are doing. These services rarely encourage users to reflect on previous events. Services […]

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The following are several prototypes that I’ve created ranging from lo-fi experience prototyping to participatory paper prototyping to tap-through wireframes. Prototype 1 | Lo-fi Experience Prototyping Overview On February 17th, 2011, with the help of my brother, I completed my first round of prototyping.. Will was perfect for this session because 1) Story Forest is […]

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User Journeys

Version 1 Discovering the Service One night, while looking for the latest and greatest photography app for his iPhone, Ethan discovers Story Forest. He quickly skims over the description. Story Forest shares and replays your memories at locations where they were made within a city. He also notices that the service allows him to import […]

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Before moving to wireframes, I created a flowchart for a majority of the user task flows for Story Forest. By going through this process, I was able to prioritize which interactions needed to be thoroughly tested. The flowchart also gave me a foundation as to what to include in my wireframes. You’ll also notice that […]

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Design Evolution

Prior to arriving to my final idea, I attempted IDEO’s 100 ideas/hour method and came up with the following. As for the remaining 84 ideas, well…   Logos The following was a quick first round sketch of logos for Story Forest. Here is the list of values that I wanted the logo to embody: It’s […]

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Final Design

Final Demo If you own an iPhone, visit the following URL on your device: You will be prompted to add the link to your Home Screen. After adding the link to your home screen, click on the Story Forest icon and give the demo a whirl. Note: some of the functionality has been grayed […]

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Looking Back

Thesis in General Before I started working on my thesis last year, I wanted to have an end product that was either tangible and/or fully functional. As we approach the final stretch of thesis work this week, none of those goals have been accomplished (for me at least). In the past month, I’ve come to […]

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Reference List

Debord, Guy. Theory of the Dérive, translated by Ken Knabb. Bureau of Public Secrets, 2006. Mod, Craig. Post Artifact Book Design Thinking. A talk held at the School of VISUAL ARTS’ MFA in Interaction Design Spring Lecture Series, New York City, New York, January 19, 2011. Krulwich, Robert (Host), Abumrad, Jad (Host). “Memory and Forgetting” […]

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